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Registration of your new product idea, invention, business idea, new design, or other creative work allows you to establish an official and legally proven date for it. 
It is a fully reliable tool that provides the very best content and date evidence you need to prove ownership of your work. 

registration prevents others from claiming your idea.
Registration at CIR provides the proof that your creation existed at the moment of registration and gives you peace of mind if you are concerned that someone might claim ownership of your work.

At CIR any idea, invention, design or any other creation can be registered, in every stage of its development; if you can describe it, draw it or photograph it, you can register and secure it.

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Cost: only $ 40,- for the first 5 years

Register your idea now!

The service is confidential, legally proven and based on internationally accepted data encription technologies. Within minutes after uploading your document or file, your registered idea-file is created consisting of the CIR idea certificate, your idea document and the matching official time-stamp file. A back-up of your idea-file is stored in your secured idea look-up and download area in the CIR database.

Save your idea now!



“My best idea's are somebody else's.”
- Benjamin Franklin