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Many new idea's are conceived every day around the world by researchers, inventors, designers, employees,  companies or institutes, etc.
A new idea or creation can have many forms; an artistic creation, a technical invention, a new design, an academic or scientific article, search results, a new method, a new process, a prototype, a trademark, a logo, crafts, a concept, a format, software, a drawing, a sculpture, a website-layout, a business-idea, a movie-plot, a book, a game, a project etc.

However, history shows that ideas and other results of creative work are easily copied or claimed by others than the original creator. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes it was just unclear who came up first.
To avoid any dispute arising about who was first, an idea or work can be quickly registered at the Center for Idea Registration (CIR). 

Idea registration, time-stamping and safeguarding

CIR provide a low cost registration of ideas via a secured and automatic on-line process with an internationally recognized digital timestamp method. Registration of an idea will legally prove you had your idea at a certain moment in time and can prevent others from claiming it.
Any idea or creation can be registered, in every stage of its development; if you can describe it, draw it or photograph it, you can register and secure it! 

Within minutes after uploading your idea document, your proof of ownership is created via an official idea certificate and matching time-stamp file. 
All your registered ideas are safeguarded by CIR in your private area for 5 years at no additional costs, so you can prove at any time that these ideas are yours.

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Benjamin Franklin
"My best idea's are somebody else's."

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